About Me

My Objective :

To utilize my energy, knowledge and personality with passion and motivation


I've created one of the top Social Media Marketing Teams in the USA. Our mission is building the online presences of artists, brands, influencers & creators alike to enhance their social credibility in a technology driven world!

Real Estate

I got into Real Estate back when I was 19 years old. I continue to purchase properties, oversee the renovations and facilitate the sales. I always am on the look out for the next deal!

Life Long Musician

I compose and produce all my own original music & lyrics. 

I've been a featured guest on CBS, News-12, numerous radio shows & have press in The New York Times & Pop Star Magazine.
I've performed at musical venues such as Madison Square Garden (3 times), Terminal 5 in NYC, Playlist Live, Teen hoot, Pop City Tour, The Bitter End, The Jazz Standard, Digifest, etc

Musical Director

I am currently the youngest Musical Director in the Arch Diocese of NY. I play the organ and sing at many masses every weekend & play funerals and weddings weekly! I have been playing for the church for over 7 years now and it has been nothing but a blessing in my life - God is Great !